We started out as a couple of Philadelphia sports fans who were just tired of purchasing the same old gear found at every stadium which didn't look unique and was extremely overpriced. As a result, we searched for alternative tees and found a few stores out there. However, we thought they were overpriced as well ($25-45 per tee) and sought out to design affordable and unique tees that we would be proud to wear. 

That led us to hire a team of designers to help create designs that are unique, sporty, artistic, and funny. Also, we found shirt suppliers who could provide high quality tees at affordable prices. Lastly, we found a printing company that can make our shirts with high quality and get them shipped to our customers within days.

Because of all of this, we at Phantees are proud to say we have locally designed shirts that are made by Philadelphia fans such as yourself. Our shirts can be worn anywhere and are extremely fashionable but more importantly comfortable. If you purchased one and feel the same way, please check out out on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what you think.